Alternative for Szeindla/Schindel and Szwejdel #general

jeremy frankel

Dear Genners,

While on the subject of name changes, for the record, during the
1980s and '90s I was researching the name SWEDELSON and discovered
that the "real" name was SWZEJDEL >from Slutsk, near Minsk. It turned
out that all the SWEDELSONS in the United States are related.

Jeremy Frankel
Oakland, California

EBIN: Russia -> New York, USA
FRANKEL: Poland -> London, England
GOLD (RATH): Praszka, Poland -> London, England
KOENIGSBERG: Vilkaviskis, Lithuania -> London, England -> NYC, NY, USA
LEVY (later LEADER): Kalisz, Poland -> London, England
PRINCZ/PRINCE: Krakow, Poland -> London, England -> NYC, NY, USA

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