Re: alternate spellings? CAMILOWITZ #general

Alexander Sharon

"PBarton" <> wrote

Herman Camilowitz is enumerated with his daughter Sybil and son in law
David Laufer in the 1920 census in NYC. Herman and Sybil are listed as
having imigrated >from Romania in 1900 but the surname doesn't come up
elsewhere in the census or the Ellis Island records. Anyone have ideas
for alternate spelling?

David imigrated in 1899 >from "Kalusz" Austria and again I'm having
difficulty finding a town or district with that spelling.

Paul Barton

Kalusz, Austria is known today as Kalush, Ukraine.
During the interwar period it was Kalusz, Stanislawow Province, Poland

As to an alternate spelling of Camilowitz. Perhaps Kamilovich,
Kamilowicz would help.

Hag Sameach

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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