Gorlitz & Rupchipe Austria? #general

Mary D. Taffet <mdtaffet@...>

Hello all,

Today I received what may be the birth certificate for my husband's
grandfather >from the NYC Municipal Archives. In this certificate, it
appears that the information filled in for "Residence" for the parents
of the child is actually either their own birthplace in Austria, or at
least the places that they lived in Austria.

What I would like to know is if anybody might know where these places

-- Rupchipe (Austria)

This was listed for the Residence of the father, who I believe was
Joseph TAFFET, but was listed on the certificate as Jake TAFFIT.

-- Gorlitz (Austria)

This was listed for the Residence of the mother, whose first name was
Fannie, but whose maiden surname is uncertain -- I've seen SILVER, GOLD,

Though we don't know this for certain, we surmise that this TAFFET
family is part of the group of TAFFET's who were living in
Dembitz/Debica, which was then in Galicia, Austria, but is now in

-- Thanks,
Mary Taffet
Syracuse, NY

MODERATOR NOTE: A good tool to use when searching for places such as towns
and villages is ShtetlSeeker.
It can be found at http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/

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