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Alexander Sharon

"Denise Azbill" <> wrote

Hi folks. On ship manifests, I've found many people >from "Perejaslaw",
Russia, with various spellings, i.e. "Perejaslow". I can't find this in
Shtetlseeker. On one manifest, "Poltava" is written after the town name.
Can someone please tell me what town this is?

You are probably searching for town in Ukraine known presently as
Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy. Town has been originally known as Pereyaslav, one
of the oldest towns in the historical Kiyevan Rus, and the name
Khmelnitsky has been added in 1954 to commemorate 300 anniversary of the
Russia-Ukraine Union (Agreement) known also as the "Pereyaslavskaya Rada".

Main actors in this agreement have been Tsar Alexei Michailovich (Romanov),
the father of the future Russian Tsar Peter the Great, represented by the
clever boyar Buturlin and infamous butcher of the Jewish population,
Cossacks leader (Hetman) Bohdan Khmelnitsky. Following the Russian-Ukraine
Agreement, 30 years war between Poland and Russia has erupted which has
ended by division of Ukraine between the two countries, and the separation
of Jewish population.

There are 50 entries for this town in JGFF database.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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