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Alexander Sharon

"Irv Kramer" <> wrote

Morning Genners,
After speaking with my sister last night she remembered our Father telling
her he was >from a shtetl called "Pee a tear" (Unknown spelling). On the
ships records it said that they where >from Kieff (Kiev) Russia.
Have any of you heard of this town and the correct spelling?
I have searched and could
not find it in the shtetl seeker. Any help would be appreciated. I would
also like to thank the many people that helped me with view mate posting.

Irv Kramer
Pittsburgh, Pa
Researching: PIATIGORSKY and KRAMER Kiev to Cleveland,
STEIN and GREENBERG Russia, Pittsburgh Pa, Toledo, Oh


I believe that you are searching for Pyatigory.
Town is located about 80 miles distance >from Kiev, Ukraine.
Town alternative names: Piatigory, Piatohor, Piatyhory, Pjatigory have all
the researched by you ingredients: "tee" and "pee" and "pear" and "tear" and

But seriously. One of the researched by your surname >from Kiev is
Piatigorsky - this gave a clue to the shtetls name.
BTW -Piatigory means Fivehills.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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