Seeking Info: Guido JACHCEL 1904 (Czech) -1994 Rhuddlan, Clwyd (Walse) #austria-czech

Eli Rohn (Yahoo) <elirohn@...>

Guido (also may have been spelled Quido) JACHCEL born in Czechoslovakia
(town unknown) on 14 Apr 1904 is listed as a Czech refugee in the UK in
1942. He passed on May 1994 in Rhuddlan, Clwyd, (Walse) UK. Per
database his name appears in the British Phone Books 1880-1984 (I have no
access to that record)

Can anyone in Wales or elsewhere in the UK look up a current phone book and
see if there is any JACHCEL (or JACHZEL with a z) listed? If so, details
are appreciated.

Would someone with access to the database look up the phone
record for me? (FYI - I have access to the death record). A print screen or
an image of the page would be nice to have.

Is there a way to find an obituary for Guido? It may have names of interest.

Is there a Wales or UK census between 1945 and 1994 that I could access
online to find out more?

Thank you,
Eli Rohn
ggson of Rosi JACHZEL, Ostrava


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