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Alexander Sharon

"vangheluwe" <> wrote

I saw in the jewish discussion groupe archives that Romek is a quickname
for Reuben, and that Roman may be so named perhaps after the name of his
gran father Reuben.

But, Is it possible that Roman is a equivalent of Rubin?

D'avance Merci
Daniel Vangheluwe


Romek is the diminutive form of Roman.

As to the names equivalency.
Many "popular" names were simply adopted by Jewish people for what can be
described as the need "for the local consumption" without any direct
equivalency. Selection was simply based on the finding a popular local
Polish equivalent, retaining usually the first letter of the Jewish name.

Thus, Izak was "converted" to Izydor or Igor, Chaim to Heniek and Rubin to

Alexander Sharon

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