Re: Important information:Polish State Archives order processing--AGAD Archives #galicia


Stanley Diamond, Project Coordinator of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland,
has posted an announcement that is copied below.

Please note that these comments and suggestions do not apply to the
ordering procedure for copies of records >from the AGAD Archives. The AGAD
orders are processed through an Order Processing Center in the United

Orders for copies of records >from the AGAD Archives have also experienced
long delays. However, this is solely due to a backlog of orders at the
AGAD Archives. Please rest assured that all orders for AGAD records placed
through the JRI-Poland ordering system will be filled. Right now the
processing time is 100-150 days. We are hoping this will be
reduced in the future.

If you ordered records >from the AGAD Archives through JRI-Poland >from near
the end of November 2001 and early January 2002 and these orders were
received by the AGAD Order Processing Center by January 10, you should be
receiving your record copies in a week or two.

Please bear with us as we try to resolve this situation.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

As a service to users and supporters, JRI-Poland provides an
order system enabling researchers to fill out, print and mail
orders to the Polish State Archives (PSA) for records indexed in
the JRI-Poland database (and not available in the LDS microfilms).
This system has generally worked well. However, there have
been a few problems.
One problem relates to transaction fees charged to the PSA
Branches by their local banks for depositing bank / cashier checks
from outside of Poland. These fees vary >from bank to bank and
town to town and in some cases have exceeded the face value of
the bank check sent by a researcher to pay for copies of records.

This has resulted in some confusion on the part of various archive
branches, which has included long delays in processing orders,
returned orders and requests for additional funds (or bank to bank

JRI-Poland has developed and submitted a proposal to the PSA
for a system that we hope can solve the problem, and would be
beneficial to both our researchers and to JRI-Poland. This proposal
is now being considered.

What to do about orders you are ready to place?

Because of the pending changes, we recommend that researchers
hold their orders until further notice. But, if you have an urgent
need for record copies, we also recommend that payment be made
by bank to bank transfers. To obtain the name and address of
the bank, include a short letter with your order to the PSA branch
archives holding the records you need.

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