Disna Uyezd Research Group #belarus

Batya Olsen <batya@...>

In the year and a half since LITVAK SIG's Disna Uyezd Research Group
announced the acquisition of the 1850 Revision List for the Disna
Uyezd, we have made progress with translations. (Although currently
in Belarus, in 1850 the shtetlach of Disna Uyezd were in Vilna
Gubernia and the records therefore reside in the Central State
Historical Archives of Lithuania.)

As individual researchers have joined the DURG we have been able to
acquire translations for several of the shtetlach censuses: Bildyugi,
Diszna, Glubokoye, Postavy and just lately for Plisa and
Sharkovshina. These 1850 revision list translations have been made
available to DURG members. Our next tasks will include the
translations of for the shtetlach of Druya, Germanovichi, Golubicy,
Leonpol, & Luzhek.

Please contact me if you are interested in the Disna Uyezd Research

Batya Matzkin Olsen
Disna Uyezd Research Coordinator

Batya Matzkin Olsen, Concord, Massachusetts USA
Researching: EISENSHMID/AJZENSHMIDT [any spelling] (Bialystok, PL),
KAYOTSKY (Vidzy, BY), KELMAN, KLONER (Postavy/Smorgon, BY),
MANFELD (Smorgon), MANFIELD (Sterling, Ill., US), RUNKIN,
MATZKIN (Vidzy & anywhere), ROSENBLUM (Postavy), SCHARER

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