Records of Amdur (Indura) Belarus #belarus

Michael Palmer <mepalmer@...>

Would appreciate any suggestions:

My great-grandfather, Chaim Schalmuk, lived in and/or around Amdur,
Russia. His wife and children came to the United States >from around the
turn of the century until 1913 when the last one arrived.

Chaim was a blacksmith and we know his wife and children's Hebrew names
and birthdates, but very little about their family and their past.

Is there any place in Belarus where I could write, e-mail or snail mail,
for information on Amdur residents at the turn of the century? What
types of information might be accessible? And how could I retrieve it?
(I don't know how difficult it would be for me to do the research via
email or snail mail, and since I do not speak or read Russian, is there
anyone you know who would be able to do the research for me?)
Thank you for your help.
Michael Palmer

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SHALMUCK >from Amdur, Russia -> Middletown, Connecticut
WOLF Krynki, Poland-> Middletown, Connecticut
GLOTZER -> Pinsk, Russia->Hartford, Connecticut
KAPLAN -> Pinsk,Russia -> Hartford, Connecticut (all in the early 1900s)

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