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Alexander Sharon

"Jerry Zahler" <> wrote
The 1882 map of Galicia shows neither Lipowce nor Plenikov in the
vicinity of Peremyshlyany (then known as Przemyslany). To what
period of time do these place names originate? How did you come
to make the associate between these two towns and Peremyshlyany?
Such information might help.
Moshe Erez wrote:

Can anyone confirm that Lipowce and Plenikov are acually the
samevillage in the vicinty of Peremyshlyany, Ukraine?

I believe that you are referring to 1882 Galicia map published
by Blackie & Sons Atlas (Edinburgh, 1882). Scale of this map
1:2,700,000 is too large to detect any smaller localities.

There are several other maps of Galicia, perhaps not all of
them are available on the line, that show in a greater details
smaller localities.

Both, Lipowce and Plenikow are described in 1929 Poland Business
Directory published by Jewish Record Indexing - Poland volunteers.

This reference publication is the greatest tool available on
the Net with regards to whereabouts of any community within the
interwar Poland border which have included historical Eastern and
Western Galicia territories.

Lipowce, district Przemyslany is decribed as the parish of 1586
(1921 census) residents, located 10 km >from Przemyslany where all
facilities (post office, telegraph and telephone) have been also
located. Lipowce are currently renamed as Ukrainian Lipovtsy at
49o42' 24o40' are identified in the Shtetl Seeker

Plenikow on the other hand is identified as a smaller parish of
534 residents, located 13 km >from Przemyslany. All facilities have
been located in Gologory.

Plenikow is not identified by this name through any available

As we have learned, places do not disappear - they are getting
swallow by the larger communities or their names are getting changed.

Moshe question was: Is Plenikow and Lipowce are the same place.

It is not.

Plenikov (Plennikov) is identified through this map of the modern
Lviv Province, and can be located on this map of Przemyslany
vicinity at

Just south of Vishnievchik and north of Chemerintse on the right
bank of the local stream Zolotaya Lipa.

I could not identify Plenikov on any other maps available
through the Net.

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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Mr. Sharon can be found at:

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