Seeking Family of Sylvia and Shirley SOLD #general

Carole Glick Feinberg <feincgs@...>

Dear Genners,

In 1930, Sylvia, 20, and Shirley SOLD, 23, were living in
the Bronx, New York with their uncle and aunt, Sam (Israel)

In 1921, Rachela SOLD, 40, immigrated to New York City
with her daughters, Sprinca, 10, and Sara, 15.
Sprinca is probably Sylvia, and Sara is probably Shirley.

Rachela, Sprinca, and Sara were born in Szczerzec, Matop
(Poland). Does anyone know what Matop refers to?
The last residence was P. Levoir, Matop. What or where is
"P. Levoir?" It looks like it could be a
French name. Based on previous knowledge, I am fairly
certain that the ancestral town was Szczerzec.

Thank you in advance for anticipated assistance.

Please respond to me privately, unless you believe the
information you wish to share might be of
value to others.

If anyone knows of this SOLD family please contact me.

Best wishes,

Carole Glick Feinberg
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Researching: SOMERFLECK/Zbarazh area settlements of
Kiydantsy and Romanowe Siolo.

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