Names: Gedalia, Aran #general

Myra and Peter Waddell <mpwaddell@...>

Dear Genners,

In a prayerbook belonging to my Grandmother, are hand-written forenames of
her Father's Father - Gedalia - and her Mother's Father - Aran. Since I
haven't heard of either of these names before, can someone please confirm
for me that I have decipered her writing correctly and, also, let me have
any other information about these names (if there is anything else to know
about them!). My Grandmother was French but I have no idea where her
parents or grandparents came from.

Myra (South Australia)

Researching - BEREJINSKI/BEREJANSKY, Vilnius, Lithuania; BORKOVSKY, Riga,
Latvia and Berne, Switzerland; DZIALOSZYNSKI, Lowicz, Poland; GOLDENBERG,
Paris, France; OUZNER/OSNER, Khotin/Chotin, Ukraine/Romania; OUZNER/OSNER,
Kishinev, Moldova; SAMUELS, Berne, Switzerland, Chicago, Ill, New York, NY
and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Private responses please

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