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Alexander Sharon

Joyce Eastman wrote:

Perhaps my original posting was not clear or not worded properly.

What I wanted to know is if it was possible for Sucha (now Sucha Beskidzka
or Biala (now Bielsko-Biala)both now in Poland, to have been considered at
one time part of Ivano-Frankovsk since they were born in the "District of
Stanislau" in the 1800's. My research has reached a dead end - particular
with the SCHEIER name.

I know that Stanislau is now called Ivano-Frankovsk and is in the Ukraine.

Am I wrong to be searching there for relatives?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Researching: SCHEIER - Bielsko-Biala & possibly Ivano-Frankovsk
RUFEISEN - Sucha Beskidzka & possibly Ivano-Frankovsk

Sucha Beskidzka in Wadowice region is separated
from Stanislawow in Eastern Galicia
(currently known as Ivano-Frankivsk) by 240 miles.

What you are looking for is place a bit closer to Sucha.

And there appear to be two matching neighboring
villages known as Stanislaw Gorny and
Stanislaw Dolny (Upper and Lower Stanislaw)
in Wadowice district Krakow Province, some 12 to 13 miles
North >from Sucha Beskidzka @ 49o44' 19o36'.

Their respective coordinates are: 49o55' 19o38' and 49o54' 19o38'

Both places are not listed in the known Jewish gazetteers. You can see
description of both places in 1929 Poland Business Directory.

Stanislaw Dolny appears to be a larger one with 1136 residents
(1921 census data) and better developed commerce activities
than the Upper neighbor.

I could recognize only one Jewish name: K.BOBER, tavern owner

Stanislaw Gorny, had 818 residents and no Jewish names listed.

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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