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Alexander Sharon

"Jean Perkin" <> wrote in

A friend has asked me to find her father's shtetl. All she knows that in
Yiddish it was called 'Ishbitz', and was sometimes in Poland sometime

I presumed >from this it was probably in the Belarus area, and on
Map Quest I found an Izbishiche 49.6 miles N of Minsk.
Try as I can, I can find nothing about this shtetl anywhere -
is there anyone who could perhaps help?

Thank you

Jean Perkin

It appears to be town Izbica, Poland.

There are actually two Izbica, one is known as Izbica Kujawska
and the other as just Izbica in Lublin region.

There are 79 entries for Izbica connection listed in JGFF database

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Canada

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