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Last year I contacted the Young Israel of Flatbush, asking if they had
records of memorial plaques. My maternal grand parents
Were members there for probably over 40 years, and I figured that there
was no way that they wouldn't have put up plaques in
Their parents memories. (Some of you may remember my request of an
e-mail address for the YI. This was the reason I
Was looking for it.) I had hoped to get their 4 parents (my great
grandparents) fathers names, as well as the dates of their
Deaths - both still unknown to me.

I was told that there are no written records. Someone was nice enough
to go and check the plaques, and I imagine there must
Be quite a few. The only plaque that he found was for my grandmother,
and I know both her father's name, as well as her
Date of death. Actually, the plaque was a day different than the date
that I had gotten >from my father. As the plaque was put up by my grand
father, I figure that it is probably the correct date, and have changed
my records.

I also inquired about a memorial to relatives, victims of the shoa, and
was told that they had nothing.

Dissapointed as I was, I still have the memories of davening there as a
child, with my grand father.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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Dear friends,

It seems to me that the records of our Synagogues, where we live the
landmarks of our lives, should contain a wealth of information. Since
notices are sent out for Yarzeit, I would think that the names of
parents, siblings, and others, many of whom died and have been lost to
memory in the old country, would be included.
Robert Corwin

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