Seeking plot in Vienna Friedhof #austria-czech

rodolfo miller

Dear Siggers,

My grandmother, fathers side, returned to Vienna in
the late forties, after many years in diverse parts of
the world, mainly Mexico, as a refugee.

My parents received a letter >from a close relative,
dated in Vienna 30.3.1949, informing them that:
"... Heute leider keine gute nachricht..... die Liebe
Mutter, auf dem wege vom Kai-Park, vom schlage
getroffen, tot zusammenbrach..."

"... today unfortunately no good news... our beloved
mother, on her way >from the Kai-Park was struck by a
heart attack and died... "

Grandmother┬┤s name was Rosa MULLER (umlaut U), her
maiden name was Rosa GOTTLIEB or GOTLIEB.

I am unable to locate her funeral plot in the IKG

Would appreciate any help.

Thank you very much.

Rodolfo Miller
Cuernavaca, Mexico

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