Translation of Rabbi Yehudah Kolonimus poem #general

Lora Hull <lorabelle@...>

Dear Genners,

I am trying to find information about Rabbi Yehudah Kolonimus and am hoping
someone can help to translate his poem, "I Call Upon Mourning" or point me
in the direction for an official translation of it.
The poem can be seen on Viewmate, VM1564, at the following URL:

This poem is taken >from the Rokitno Yizkor book, "Rokitno (Volin)
ve-ha-seviva; sefer edut ve-zikaron", "Rokitno-Wolyn and Surroundings;
Memorial Book and Testimony". Ala and Larry Gamulka, the wonderful people
who have been dilligently translating this book, are stuck on this poem as
it was written around the 11th or 12th century in an older Hebrew
(it is not in Aramaic as stated on the viewmate description).

I would appreciate any information you have about Rabbi Yehudah or the poem.

Please respond directly to me.
Thanks so much!

Lora Hull
Glenside, PA

Researching: GENDELMAN, SCHMOLKA, ZAKS, SHAPIRA-Rokitno, Phila
KANTERMAN, FREIZON-Voronovitza, Shpikov, Bresliv, NY, Phila
METELITS-Mogilev, Vineland,NJ, NY, Phila

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