Fourth WW2 Draft #general

Dennis Gries <dgries@...>

Hello -

A bit more on the draft records at Phila NARA to supplement Selma Neubauer's
comments and perhaps answer the question of Diane Jacobs.

Pennsylvania cards have NOT been filmed. If you are coming in on a
Saturday, you must request the boxes of the original cards ahead of time
(allow a few days to be nice). You can fax your request to 215-597-2303.

You are allowed to use digital cameras (no flash), which I have used with
great results. Please handle the cards with care, of course and return
them to the box in the proper place (getting brownie points with the NARA

At least Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia cards have been filmed. I am
not sure about Virginia. I see no reference to DC, so one might research
or call.

dennis gries
fort washington, pa

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