Re: information from synagogues #general


Genners - not to dissuade anyone >from trying to obtain information >from
Synagogues - to the contrary - a cousin was successful in finding ancestral
information in a Bayonne, New Jersey Shul.

Memorial plaques remaining in the old building listed members of our family,
leading my cousin to query the staff, which led him to an elderly member of
the congregation who kindly searched files and gave him confirming
information re our family search.

One of my favorite expressions relating to genealogical research:
"One neverknows!"

Sylvia Furshman Nusinov
President Emerita - Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., Florida
Recipient of the IAJGS 21st Conference Achievement Award for Programming,
London 2001
Researching: FRUCHT [FURSHMAN] , MELC, DOROGOI - Lithuania: Vilcomir
[Ukmerge], Kovno [Kaunas], Vilna [Vilnius], Moletai. c. 1800-1945;Paris,France; EHRENPREIS - Austria: Lemburg [Lviv, Ukraine]; Sweden;
AWNER [AVNER] - Austria: Lemburg [Lviv, Ukraine], England; Israel;
NUSINOV/NOUSSINOV - Russia: Jitomir - Volynia guberniya [Zhitomir, Ukraine]; Buenos Aires, Argentina; LENT/LENTOTCHNIK - Russia: Jitomir -
Volyniaguberniya Zhitomir,Ukraine];BuenosAires,Argentina;FRIDHOFER/GOFER/DRORY
- Lviv, Ukraine; Israel

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