Re: Meeting of Austria-Czech members in Vienna, 21 October 2006 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Thank you Ruth for your nice summary of our Austria-Czech SIG dinner in Vienna.
Saturday Oct 21st 2006 was indeed a day to remember as over 40 of us met at
Restaurant Smutny, Vienna for a great evening.

Any fears that we would find it hard to get on with each other were soon
dispelled. The guests arrived very early, >from 6pm onwards, and the last left
at about 11.30 pm - it was hard to find a slot in the conversation.

Eleanor Feitler wrote to me: {btw Eleanor and Joe won the prize for the most
relatives in the room!]: <How nice that names became "Faces"... The second
time in my life such a marvelous event occurred.">.

We all had badges so we could recognise each other. At 7pm, I went through the
entire list of guests with a brief introduction, so we all knew who was who.
Within an hour, people kept coming up to me and asking "when is our *next*

Traude Triebel brought along a wonderful chocolate cake with the logo
Austria-Czech SIG on the icing. Thank you Traude. After our delicious dinner,
Joe Feitler, who had left Vienna when he was a teenager never to return till
that week [he was invited back to Vienna by the Jewish Welcome service], cut
the cake, resplendent with candles, in a symbolic ceremony.

We had a short speech by Elizabeth ben David-Hindler about her rememberance
work in the Leopoldstadt. Anyone who requires details please let me know.
Barbara Kintaert was also present - you may remember she organised a plaque on
her house in the Servitengasse for the residents who were holocaust victims.
Sundry other Viennese came along too, associated with the press, MA08 {Wiener
Stadt und Landes Archiv], genealogy, anthropology or related tangentially to
Austria-Czech SIG members.

On Sunday, Herman Karplus took us on a wonderful walk through the Zentral
Friedhof Tor 1. The weather was perfect. Thank you Herman on behalf of all of
us. The one hour walk extended into a three hour ramble followed by lunch for
some of us. Here is the list of Austria-Czech SIG members who attended [some
came with husbands or wives]:

Natalie and Stefan Cantini [Austria]
Ruth Coman [UK]
Wolf-Erich Eckstein [Austria]
Joe and Eleanor Feitler [US] and family
Hanus Grab [Germany]
Heinz Hadwig [Austria]
Andreas Inhofner [Austria] [Galicia SIG]
Erika Kalkhofen-Frahne [Germany]
Herman Karplus [Austria]
Celia Male [UK]
Fred Posamentir {Austria]
Peter Rath [Austria]
Gerard Reach [France]
Charlie Roberts [UK]
Traude Triebel [Austria]

We really missed Sally Goodman [Palm Springs] who was so looking forward to
this dinner, but last minute sickness in the family caused her to cancel the
European trip. We wish all the Goodman family a speedy recovery.

And this reminds me - I still have not posted an account of our historic lunch
meeting in Herzlia in March. That was just as exciting as the Vienna dinner in
a totally different homely atmosphere of Hans Weigl's house and garden. I
really will have to write that up next.

Although we are an internet group, meeting the SIG members really does make a
big difference!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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