Kleszczow #general

Alexander Sharon

In response to Cathy Flamholtz, Jim Engel and Jim Bennet letters on this

Cathy has been correct in the first place.

She has identified researched by her shtetl as Kleszczow [in Piotrkow
Trybunalski district] (powiat) at 51o14' 19o18'
This shtetl haD sizeable Jewish population of 232 souls (WOWW gazetteer)
out of 596 total population (1921 Poland general cesnsus data).
Shtetl is physically located SW >from Piotrkow Trybunalski, and just south
of town Belchatow.

There are other three localities named Kleszczow in Poland:

a) small village near Krzeszowice in Krakow region (not identified by known
Jewish gazetteers)
b) small village near Rybnik and Zory in the southern part of Upper Silesia
b) small village near Gliwice (Gleiwitz), Upper Silesia (ex German Kluschau)

Family surnames (variations of names Flamholtz/ Flamholc) researched by
Cathy are identified in Jewish Record Indexing - Poland database as located
in shttels: Belchatow. Brzeziny, Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Inowlodz and of
course, Piotrkow Trybunalski and Lodz

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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