Re: American equivalents of Eastern European names #general

Roger Lustig <trovato@...>


Yetta is often short for Henrietta.
Hendel is often short for Hanna or Johanna.

In Silesia and other German-speaking places in the 18th-19th centuries
the names of women were often registered in diminutive form. In fact,
they often appear that way on tombstones. These are two examples.
Others include:

Lene/Loene for Helene
Nanny for Johanna
Rosel for Rosalie
Dorel for Dorothea/Doris
Sorel for Sara
Rieke for Friederike
Pine for Philippine


Susan Gunther wrote:

Dear Genners,

Would any of you know the American equivalent of the
following feminine names?


Yocheved (Yochwit?)


Thank you in advance!
Susan P. Gunther

Researching: STERN and ROTKOPF >from Galicia (Lancut, Poland and
probably the nearby village of Kosina, Poland)

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