Re: Historic Conference of Unique Survivors Held in Chicago June30-July #general

Stephane Toublanc <toublanc@...>

You can learn also some events accorded with these children in the
"Bulletin des Enfants caches", the newspaper published [in french] by the
hidden children society in France "Enfants cach├ęs, 1940-1944".

They have an e-mail, mailto;

Among the children who where braught to America, some came >from France

Stephane Toublanc
Paris, France

Iris Posner a *crit :

The first ever Reunion of and Conference about the One Thousand Children
was held in Chicago June 30 to July 2. These children were the only
unaccompanied children saved >from the Holocaust by the US. They were
rescued by bringing them to America and placing them with foster
families across the country. You can read about this historic event and
press coverage by the Chicago Tribune at the OTC website: For more information email --

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