The WALDES family #austria-czech

Carole Harter <ch.harter@...>

I've been told that my grandmother, Rosa WALDES, and her siblings,
Anna, Max, Julius, and Ottokar were born in Linz in the late 1800s.
According to family story, the parents of these children were Sigmund and
Agnes WALDES >from what is now the Czech Republic.

Thanks to a second cousin, a grandson of Max, I know he and his wife
died in the early 1940s and are buried in Vienna. The internet has a listing
for Julius in the same cemetery. But none of our remaining family members
knows anything about this family before the early 1900s when Rosa and, a
little later, Anna came to America. How can I find information about this
family's history? Help will be greatly appreciated.

Carole Harter
Claremont, CA

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