Re: Maxwell Street Area Synagogues: 1910-1930's #general

Ida & Joseph Schwarcz <idayosef@...>

There is a Chicago Jewish Historical Society, I do not have the address,
which should be able to give you all of these addresses. There are also
Chicago Jewish Archives. Try Spertus College of Jewish Studies.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

Dear Jewishgenners:
Do you know anything about these Chicago synagogues:
- Beth Jacob Anshe Kroz (or Kraziai or Kruz or similar) on 1002
Maxwell Street (1910-1930's)(same name as a Lithuanian/Russian town)
- Anshe Motel and/ot the local Carpenter's Union formed
- Anshe Lobowitz on 608 Maxwell
Do you know where, if anywhere, I might be able to find member's
lists, photos, etc. for these schuls?

Thank you.
Janice Goldman
Chicago, IL USA

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