Re: Looking for roots - BIRO #general

Carlos Glikson

Hello Irena, I am sorry I can't tell about the Jewish origin or not of the
BIRO family name in your particular case, but I wanted to share something
with you and other JewishGenners about a BIRO with a Jewish origin..

The inventor of the ball-point pen was Ladislao Jose BIRO. A search for Mr.
BIRO in Internet shows he was Hungarian, and directed a newspaper in
Budapest - his birthplace. He was a Jew, and his partner helped him
escape >from Paris during the war, his final destination Argentina.

According to Internet search results, Mr. Biro was an artist , a hypnotist,
a car racer and a very productive inventor too. He was a very creative and
industrious man, and invented lots of other things - 32 different
inventions. He filed the patent for the ball-point pen in Hungary in 1938,
but had to escape the war before getting the patent, then started
production in Argentina, and later sold the patent. A ball-point pen is
popularly known here as Birome (Mr. Biro's partner's last name was
Meyne). The new pen would write 200,000 words without refilling. Today
BIC alone manufactures about 10.000.000 ball points a day. He also
invented a mechanical automatic shift box for cars and sold it to GM. Mr.
Biro was inexperienced when he negotiated the contract. Apparently, they
only bought it to avoid the competition benefitting >from it. They never
manufactured it, and used a hydraulic type box.

He lived in Argentina, his daughter Mariana directs a school, and the
Argentine Association of Inventors meets at the school's facilities. In
Argentina, the Inventors' Day is celebrated on his birthday, September 29.

I do not know if BIRO is a usual last name, but if you would like to get in
touch with Miss Biro, let me know and I will try to get her eMail for you.

Best wishes

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

PD: Hope you will get better responses >from more knowledgeable JGenners,
but in the meantime I would suggest you enter your last names and town
information in the JewishGen Family Finder - if you haven't done so yet -.
If you do, anyone researching the Biro name will know you are researching
too, and may get in contact with you.

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