NY Times article on Belechow #general


Tomorrow's Sunday NY Times Magazine section features a wonderful,
hearfelt, and beautifully written account of a trip to Belechow, Ukraine
to learn the true story about the deaths and possible betrayal of the
author's great uncle and his family during the early 1940s part of the
Holocaust in Belechow.

It is written by Daniel Mendelsohn, who mentions the contacts he made on
the "Jewish Genealogy Web site," which started him on his research of his
relatives and eventually led to planning the visit to the ancestral town
with 2 of his siblings.

Full of details of discovery and the people they met, this is a great
story. If you don't have direct access to the NY Times, you can see it on
their web site: http://www.nytimes.com/
Look on the right side for "In Sunday's Times," and click on "The
Magazine" which has the article as its main feature.
Regards, Mila Begun in NYC

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