Re: St. Albans District Manifest Records #general

Jody Blanke <blanke_j@...>

Does anyone know what is contained in the St. Albans District Manifest
Records of Aliens Arriving >from Foreign Contiguous Territory: Arrivals
Canadian Border Ports, Jan. 1895 - June 30, 1924?
My grandfather left Liverpool for New York City in 1902. His boat sunk
at sea, and was rescued by a ship that continued on to Canada instead.
I was unsuccessful searching the New York passenger lists for him, even
though we knew when he arrived. It was not until I received his
naturalization papers, that I learned he was officially entered in the
St. Albans records, presumably because that was the first port city he
encountered on the train ride >from Canada to New York. I don't know how
many such occurrences there were, but there is at least one shipload of
passengers that was bound for New York in 1902 that is recorded in the
St. Albans manifest.

Jody Blanke

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