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jeremy frankel

Dear Irena and Genners,

I am posting my response to you via Jewishgen, because, as others have
discovered, our email to you is bouncing back as undeliverable.

I cannot help you personally, but I do have wonderful book on my shelf,
all short humorous stories concerning Jews. It was written by Adam BIRO,
entitled *Two Jews on a Train - Stories >from the old country and the new*
128 pages long. It was translated into English by Catherine Tihanyi, and
was published in 1998. Hence BIRO is probably still alive.

BIRO is Jewish and described as a French publisher and author who was born
in Hungary. The Introduction does list one or two other relatives who were
published. One was a grandfather named Dr. Luy GYOERGY (1883-1960) and an
uncle, Hegedues NANDOR (1884-1969). NANDOR has a son Bodi who lives in
Basel, Switzerland.

Good luck,

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Subject: Looking for roots - BIRO
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I'm >from Croatia, and desperatly looking for my jewish roots. My
grandfather told me, when I was very young, that I must never disrespect
Jewish people, because I'm partially jewish. He died long time ago, and
now nobody can tell me what I acctually am, by family. I have great
respect for my family inheritage, and I'll be very gratefull for and
information about relatinship between my family name (BIRO) and religion
of that family. Please e-mail me!

Thank you!
Irena Biro

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