Success on Census - Reversing Names #general


I have written about diligently searching for my great uncle, Abraham JACOBS,
and who we think to be his son, Hyman JACOBS.

I hope the following will help all genners. While searching on the census
through, we found Hyman JACOBS. However, the catch is that we
put him in as Jacob HYMAN, and up he came with all of the children we know to
be the right ones. There are some discrepancies in the birthdates with what
we had and what they list. But the point is, try reversing names, even if you
don't have two first names like Hyman and Jacob. Since then I have seen a
Mollie, Goldberg on the census. See what I mean.

Good luck to all of us!
Rachelle Berliner
Savannah, GA

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