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caren b rubio <carenru@...> wrote:

Dear Genners-
Can anyone provide me with information on the Kitchinova Rebbe and the
Chassidim who followed him?
Thank you!
Caren Rubio

My response is:

Are you sure that you have the name right? The only chassidus of which I am
aware that bears a resemblance to this is Kretchnif (the Kretchnover Rebbe),
which stems >from the Nadvorna line. The first Kretchnover Rebbe was Rebbe
Meir, who was a son of the first Nadvorna Rebbe (Mordechai Leifer). Rebbe
Meir settled in the town of Kretchnif and thus the name.

Mitchell Silk
Hong Kong

MENSCHENFREUND, Nadvorna, Delatyn

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