Re: Restoring Letters On Tombstone - Rubbing technique #general

Herb <herbiem@...>

A rubbing does not make it easier to photograph the stone or read the
inscription much better. It does enable you to have a full size copy of
the stone, but it is a pain to store. I have successfully used shaving
cream and a squeegee to rub it down the stone and spray some water to
wash the shaving cream off when finished. Photos came out very good.
There are many that will tell you that shaving cream is detrimental to a
stone. This may or not be true, but I do know if the stone in such poor
shape, it is best to get a good photo which will last longer than the

Herb Meyers
Boulder, CO

"Carlos Glikson" <cglikson@...> wrote:
Solomon Schlussel asked if there is any way to restore tombstones to
be able
to read them, after the recovery of an old cemetery in Ukraine. <

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