Seeking Cataloguer/Researcher for Important Holocaust-Era Project #general

Iris Posner

One Thousand Children, Inc. (OTC) is a non-profit research and education
organization in Silver Spring, MD. Our mission is to document the
experiences of the only unaccompanied children rescued >from the
Holocaust by the US between 1934 and 1945. There was recently a first
ever national reunion of and conference about these children and their
rescuers in Chicago. You can read about it at our website:

We believe that one of the most important tasks to be done pertaining to
the OTC story is to develop a catalogue or finding aid related to this
subject. It would contain a list of all the archival resources in
various institutions/repositories and in private hands, that pertain to
the OTC story and would be made available to museums, academic and
research organizations as well as the public. This would ensure that
future generations of Americans and researchers would be able to find
information pertaining to this era of history and would also provide the
basis for developing a unified OTC collection in one repository.
Specifically, we are hoping to find a doctoral student perhaps, in
library science maybe specializing in Judaic Studies, that would do a
thesis or project resulting in such a catalogue or finding aid. If you
have a personal interest or know of anyone who might or know of any
academic/research contacts of which we might inquire about such a
project, we would like to hear >from you.

Iris Posner

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