Re: Help needed with New Mexico (USA) address look-up #general

robert.gleek <robert.gleek@...>

Dear Genners,
I have received half a dozen responses >from Genners, which is great.
However all of them give me PARTIAL ADDRESSES.
I know this may sound rude, but I am looking for a complete address.
Please only email me if you can help with a street name and house number.
Many Thanks,
Daniel Gleek in London

Dear Genners,
If you are in New Mexico state and have access to a local directory,
please can you help with a look-up for me.
I have already tried five Internet search engines, but none give the
full postal address that I am after.
The person's name is: Norman HARRIS and I believe he may be
living in Albuquerqe or Placitas (both in New Mexico).
I am after a full postal address so I can write to him.
Thnak you, in advance,
Daniel Gleek in London

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