Carbondale, PA Jewish Cemetery #general

Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

I am considering cataloging the burials in the Jewish Cemetery in
Carbondale, PA because it contains a number of people >from or with roots in
my ancestral shtetl of Shatt (Seta), Lithuania.

I live in New York City and have no prior familiarity with this cemetery.
I also don't drive and would need to get there by public transportation
(Trailways bus >from NY to Scranton and then local bus >from Scranton to

Can someone who has first hand knowledge of the Carbondale, PA Jewish
Cemetery please answer the following questions:

1. What is its street location? According to
<> it is located on
Route 6 in Childs. Is this correct, and if so is it directly on Route 6 or
is it slightly off of it?

2. How far away is the cemetery in miles >from Carbondale? Is it
accessible by the public bus that goes between Scranton and Carbondale or
do I need to take a taxi >from Carbondale?

3. Who and where is the contact person that I need to get the key from?
Do you have a phone number for him/her so that I can call in advance? The
aforementioned website lists a Mrs. Temmie Cohen, but this info may be out
of date. [To protect the contact person's privacy, please do not post the
phone number in this forum.]

4. Is the cemetery safe or is it off the beaten path? Is it isolated in
the woods someplace? In other words, is it safe for a female to be alone
there? Is it within walking distance of a restroom, a convenience store,
and a public telephone?

5. Approximately how many tombstones are in the cemetery? Is the Hebrew
inscription on one side of the tombstone and the English on the other or
are both the Hebrew and English on the same side? I need to know this
because it will determine how much time it will take me to catalog the
cemetery and whether or not I will need to stay overnight in Carbondale.
500 tombstones with Hebrew on one side and English on the other is the
equivalent of cataloging 1000 stones, as I just found out in Bradford, PA
last week.

Since this information is not of interest to the group as a whole, please
respond privately.

Ada Greenblatt

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