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Mitch Berman <mmb@...>


My Berman relatives came >from the Grodno Guberniya, now Belarus (then
Russia) and moved to Chicago in 1903-1912 time period. Let me know if
anything connects.
Mitch Berman

Subject: A list of Names I am researching if you know if you are
From: moshe@...
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 01:44:35 +0200
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This is a list of names I am researching if you have any connection no
matter how small please be in touch with me. I have also put where I know
that part of the family came >from and the last place that I know they end
up in. Most of this families end up in New York >from 1890 to 1940. Thank
you for your help. Thank you again for your help.
moshe schaeffer

BACHMAN, Poland - New York
BERG, Unknown - USA
BESMAN, Russia - New York
BERMAN, Unknown - USA
BUCHMAK, Unknown- Tri- State
GOLDBERG, Russia - New York
HIRSCHOWITZ, Russia - New York
KAUFF, Wolocysk, Russia - New York
KADISH, Unknown - New York State
KAMINSKY , Unknown - New York
KIRSCHNER, Warsaw, Poland - New York
KIRZNER, Unknown - Warsaw, Poland
LEOME, Russia - New York
LEVY, Unknown - New York
PAVE, Unknown - New York
ROSENSTEIN, Russia - New York
RUBINSTEIN, Unknown - New York
RUCHAMES, Unknown - New York
SCHAEFFER, Russia - New York
SCHAFFER, Russia - New York
SHUVAL, Unknown - New York
WEISS, Russia - New York
WORK, Russia - New York

Thank you for your help again
moshe schaeffer

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