Rosa Muller's grave in the Feuerhalle, Simmering #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Rodolfo Miller >from Mexico wrote: <My grandmother, father's side, returned to
Vienna in the late forties, after many years in diverse parts of the world,
mainly Mexico, as a refugee.

My parents received a letter >from a close relative, dated in Vienna 30.3.1949,
informing them that: "... Heute leider keine gute nachricht..... die Liebe
Mutter, auf dem wege vom Kai-Park, vom schlage getroffen, tot zusammenbrach..."

"... today unfortunately no good news... our beloved mother, on her way from
the Kai-Park was struck by a heart attack and died... "

Grandmother´s name was Rosa MULLER (umlaut U), her maiden name was Rosa
GOTTLIEB or GOTLIEB. I am unable to locate her funeral plot in the IKG

Dear Rodolfo; I believe your grandmother is buried in the Feuerhalle,
namely the crematorium. This is just opposite the Zentralfriedhof Tor I and in
case you are disappoionted, I want to assure you that this is a very beautiful
place, within the walls of an ancient Habsburg castle with wonderful oak trees.
Your grandmother will not be alone as there are many Jewish burials there!
I can send you a few pictures so you can get the atmosphere.

Familienname: Muller Vorname: Rosa
Bestattungsdatum : 06.04.1949 [date of burial]
Friedhof: Feuerhalle Simmering
Abteilung: 3 Ring: 2 Gruppe: 2 Nummer: 18
Grabnutzungsrecht bis: 09.06.2011

Friedhofsadresse: Simmeringer Hauptstraße 337, 1110 Wien
Telefon: 760 41 - 97892
Öffnungszeiten: Kanzlei: Montag bis Freitag 8 bis 15 Uhr

Apart >from the location, the most important line here is: "Grabnutzungsrecht
bis: 09.06.2011 which means that on 9 June 2011 the rights to this grave will
expire and it will be removed. So if you wish, the grave to be maintained, you
will have to contact the Feuerhalle and extend the rights.

If you are lucky you will find this: "auf Friedhofsdauer" ie in perpetuity -
this means that your forebears have paid for the grave in perpetuity and it
will not be removed.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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