Argentina unlisted phone numbers and postal codes #general

Carlos Glikson

Answering Daniel Gleek's mail, Dick Plotz mentioned he had been
" told -- can't vouch for the accuracy of this -- that in Argentina,
if you have a phone, you're in the directory. No unlisted numbers,
no incomplete addresses." It might have been so, Dick, I´m not sure
... but it is not true now.

You can ask for your phone not to be listed in the Argentine phone
pages, and not to be released by the information service, and you
will have to pay an extra monthly fee for this - forever! I always
thought companies should charge for what they do, and not for what
they don't. So in order for them not to print and not to tell, you
have to pay!

Those being called >from an unlisted number and having caller-ID
services should find no number is displayed in their gadgets.

As for addresses, as far as I know, listed numbers in the white
pages both in paper or on-line will show the full address, with an
exception: The postal code is missing (C.P. here, now called CPA,
zip in the U.S., different names in different countries)

To get the C.P. or CPA required to ensure safer and faster delivery
for snail mail to a certain address you obtain in the white pages,
go to

You must know the province. Choose it in "Seleccione una provincia":
Select a province. This includes the province list, plus Capital
Federal. Buenos Aires City is Capital Federal - an autonomous
district, not a province. Click in "Continuar" to continue.

Fill in "Nombre de la Calle": Street or avenue name - might be tricky
if you spell it wrong. No Soundex here. Then fill in "Altura": This
is the door number for the house or apartment building. Now click
on "Buscar CPA" (acronym for Codigo Postal Argentino). This will
lead you to the answer - full name street and CPA. Do not be confused
with the picture of a street number plaque reading 2628 - maybe a
misleading picture choice to decorate the web page.

This may help in unclear cases: usually you will find the same CPA
in a full block and same side of the street . One side of the street
will have even door numbers, the other side will have odd door
numbers, both will have the same hundreds and thousands.(usually
each block means a 100 jump, but not always). Also, big government
buldings or bank buildings downtown with high postal traffic may have
a CPA by themselves, and that particular block might have more than
one CPA.
has graphic examples on how to write addresses including CPA in the

Hope this helps!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Augustow, Sejny,Sopotkin,Koenigsberg. POKROISKY, POKROJSKI, POKROY:
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TARNOPOLSKY, TARNOPOL: Kremenchug, Kharkov. FELCHINSKY: Kremenchug,
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