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David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

Carole Harter wrote:

"I've been told that my grandmother, Rosa WALDES, and her siblings,
Anna, Max, Julius, and Ottokar were born in Linz in the late 1800s.
According to family story, the parents of these children were Sigmund and
Agnes WALDES >from what is now the Czech Republic."

According to the Memorial book "Totenbuch Theresienstadt"
Otokar WALDES, born on 14.10.1881, was deported to Theresienstadt
on 02.10.1942, He was sent >from there to Auschwitz on 09.10.1944.

There is also mention of a Pauline WALDES (his wife ?) born 16.09.1886, on the same transports.


David Laufer

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