Pinning Down Exact Location of Family Origin #general

David Goldman <davic@...>

In pursuing my research on my ancestry in Nova Ushitsa through
archives, it has come to my attention that records of my family
seem to indicate that they did not live in NU itself, but in two
villages nearby: Kalyus - abt 14 km N >from Nova Ushitsa
Butsnevtsy - abt 60 km NE >from Nova Ushitsa (18 km SE >from Letichev)

This is a bit confusing because all family information related to
the town of Nova Ushitsa itself. Would it be common for people to
talk about being >from the district (in this case NU) as their
hometown rather than the village itself? Also, has anyone heard of
these two villages?


David Goldman

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