JUDELOWITZ: DM 138740/438740 #general

Stanley Judd <stanleyjudd@...>

In my continuing research on JUDELOWITZ families, I requested copies of all
records for the above DM codes. >from the Jerusalem/Jaffa/Haifa Consular
records, using the JGS Greater Washington name index. The records are from
1857-1917. I have received the available copies and transcribed all of the
pertinent data which is shown below. I have included many of the other
names in these records.

I am posting this as hopefully it will be useful to some of you. I also
hope that if you think there may be a link to your research, you will send
me a copy of any JUDELOWITZ data you may have. Even if there is no
apparent link but you do have some data, I would love to have a copy. I
have hundreds of unlinked records but as I get more data, some sense of
order is appearing.

USDS: Jerusalem 1857-1935, Jaffa 1867-1917, Haifa 1872-1917

JGS Greater Washington Index: Contains 9000+names assumed to be Jewish.
Names selected only for records with some genealogical content. Searched
for Judelowitz (DM 138740 & 438740): 19 hits

Sabettai (Sabetay) JUDELOWITCH/JUDELOWITZ (3 hits 19-21 Jun 1916): Jaffa
Letter substituting for a lost Certificate of Registration for a US
citizen, nothing given other than the name.

Moses Juda JUDELEWITZ (2 hits Sep 5 & 9, 1895):
5 Sep: Mordechai SOLOMON deposited a one year bond with the Consolate for
paying Moses for work in his Mill if Moses is turned out not by his own

9 Sep: Moses and his wife deposited an agreement between them with the
Consolate. They will take a house at the agricultural Colony Kastiryeh, he
will support his wife and complaints against each other must be proved by
the testimony of 3 witnesses and will be judged by the US Consul.

Simon JUDELOWITZ (8 hits _______):
______: Certificate of Registration of American Citizen for Simon
JUDELOWITZ, b.1881 Jerusalem. Certificate issued after 22 Apr 1910,
expires 11 Dec 1915. res.Nove Sholem, Jaffa, Palestine. Has never been in
the US, is US citizen by naturalization of his father Moses J JUDELOWTZ.
Citizenship established by Simon's affdavit and Moses' US Passport #1924,
24 May, 1893. In Jaffa to take care of his mother and brothers (nos). In
case of death or accident, inform family in Jerusalem.

(2 hits _____ & 2 Jul 1915, see Simon JUDELOWITZ):

______: Deborah JUDELOWITZ listed as wife of Simon. Six children: Deborah
JEDELOWITZ and 6 children (7 hits ______ & 1 hit 2 Jul 1915)______:
Deborah and children all born in Jerusalem, residing in Jaffa

Freide Michle b.1901, Hanna Rachel b.1903, Meyer b.1905
Sarah Rebecca b.1907, Abraham Benjamin b.1911, Leah b.1913

2 Jul: Letter >from Jaffa US Consular Agent to the American Consul in
Jerusalem requests Consul obtain permission >from His Excellency Djamal
Pasha for permission for 24 US citizens to leave on the next steamer,
including Deborah JUDALOWITZ and six children.

US Citizens: Brauch JACOBSON, Haim Leib SHAPIRA, Debora JUDALEWITZ and 6
children, Abraham S Cohen, David Chansky and wife, Mollie Avner, Henry
PERLMAN, Moses PERLMAN, Mrs. Frieda LEIBOWITZ and 5 children, Mrs. Bella

Italian Citizens desiring to leave: Lozon JUDA, Bonzom SYIGI with wife
and 2 children, Moses ARDITTI and Israel RATAMIN.

British Citizens desiring to leave: Jacob GRODENZIK, Furtenain MIZRAHI
and brother, Chaim LAREDO, Louis GOLDSMITH with 2 children, Nalake YATIA
and 3 children.

Yemina and David JUDILOWITZ (2 hits, no records found) Jaffa________
JUDELOWITZ (1 hit 5 Oct 1915, not found) Alexandria, Egypt
Ruben YUDELEVITZ l.Richon Le Zion (1 hit 6 Feb 1915 & 15 Mar 1915):
6 Feb: Letter >from US Consolate-General in Cairo to the Consular Agent in
Jaffa with a $302.29 draft which included $38.93 for Rubin Yudelevitz in
Richon Le Zion >from Jacob Yudelevitz.
15 Mar: Receipt by Ruben for the $38.93 sent by Jacob

Jacob YUDELEVITZ (1 hit 6 Feb 1915 & 2 March 1915):
6 Feb: Letter >from US Consolate-General in Cairo to the Consular Agent in
Jaffa with a $302.29 draft which included $7.72 for Fayoe COHEN in Richon
Le Zion >from Jacob Yudelevitz.
2 Mar: Receipt by Mrs. Cohen for $7.72 sent for Fayoe Cohen

Other recipients of money:

Mayer KARTCHEWSKY, Richon-le-sion $20 >from Jacob KART to come to Egypt
Menahem COHEN & Jacob SANOVITCH, Richon-el-sion $7.72 each >from Jacob Y.
Madame Louise JAHSHAN, Gaza, Palestine $35 >from Elias Lewis Jahshan

Zalel LAPIN, Jaffa for Pincas LERNER, Saffet $29.20
>from Grand Rabbinat, Cairo
C Lapin, Jaffa, $146; 1/3 for himself, 2/3 for Jouda Raab
>from Leib Lapin and Grun Bros.
Joseph HOROWITZ, Rue Nevischoulem, Jaffa $10 >from A Segelbaum
C. Lapin, Jaffa

Stanley H. Judd Los Altos Hills, CA
Locations northern Lithuania and Latvia

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