Cyrillic Vital Records Translation Request #general

Aaron Slotnik


Thanks to JRI Poland, I've been able to get copies of several vital
records of individuals I may be related to. I've posted scanned versions
of these documents at the following locations:


I suggest copying and pasting the above links into a browser window rather
than clicking on them directly as this seems to cause problems >from some
email programs (you might get a "not available" message). The files are
kind of large, ranging between 150 kb and 400 kb, but I wanted them at
sufficient resolution to be as legible as possible. I would like an
extraction of all vital information >from these documents--names (and
relationships), dates, ages, locations, etc. The first record was
registered in Wyszogrod and the rest were >from Plock. Please respond to
me directly at Thanks for your help!!

Aaron Slotnik

WOROSHILSKY - Bialystok area, Poland
GOLDBERG - Dabrowa Bialostocka, Poland
ZLOTNIK - Warsaw area, Poland
BLUMENTHAL, SCHAPIRA - Gusyatin, Gorodenka, Ukraine
BLUM, KATZ, MARTON - Salaj and Maramures Counties, Romania

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