Re: Complaints #general

Harry Zimmerman <JoelWire@...>

To Everyone Who Reads Jewishgen:
It is very easy to complain about almost anything and I personally am
tired of seeing posts like this. The people at Jewish Gen are volunteers
who work their butts off for nothing but the love of Genealogy and in the
end it is something which benefits us all. Additionally there are a lot of
first time genealogist who post here too. So what if sometimes their
questions seem very elementary you who have been doing Genealogy for a
long time once asked these same questions of someone more knowledgeable
than you too.
>from now on it would be nice if people who posted here looked at
life and their comments as the cup being half full instead of half empty.

Will the person who wasn't a beginner when they first started
please stand up!

Sandy Zimmerman

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