Beulah MUNK, nee KRAVITZ, died 1995 in Miami, FL #general

Marion Werle <werle@...>

I am trying to locate anybody who may have known (or is related to) Beulah
MUNK, who died in Miami, FL in 1995. Beulah's great grandfather, Hyman
KRAVITZ, was my grandfather's uncle, most likely his father's brother.
Beulah had a sister named Cecile, who would be in her 80's, although I don't
know her married name (or if she married--I only have early census entries
for her). Their father was Jerome J. KRAVITZ and the mother was Rebecca
OPTEKMAN. All but Jerome (born Joseph/Jossel) were born in New York city.
Jerome had several brothers and sisters--Fannie, Jennie (married Jacob Cohen
in 1919--haven't been able to find any records since then), Sam, Ethel (she
was single and a bookkeeper in 1933), and David. Hyman Kravitz was married
to Anna or Ida (Chaie) LAZERSON. The family is >from Lithuania, most likely
Mosedis or Skuodas (Shkud).

The informant on the death certificate was Harvey MUNK, who has not
responded to my snail mail (the address may be old, also in Miami, although
the letter wasn't returned). I would like to know more about Hyman KRAVITZ,
especially before he came to America. I have researched the family
extensively through census, vital records, and city directories, but would
very much like to contact any descendants who might have further

Please contact me privately if you have any information. TIA for your help.

Marion Werle
< werle@... >

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