Shuls in Kensington, London #general

Harold Pollins <snillop@...>

David Kravitz wrote:
< I am having little joy in tracing a possible relative Cecil Kravitz, or his
family. I know he was registered as born in Kensington in 1915, so he must
have lived in the parish. Could anyone advise what shuls existed in
Kensington about this time and where I might trace the records of his
parents, and possibly his, membership? >

The Notting Hill Synagogue, 206-8 Kensington Park Road, W.11 1NR was
established in 1900 and as far as I know still exists.

There is also the Hammersmith & West Kensington Synagogue, 71 Brook Green,
Hammersmith, W6 7BE, founded 1890, and still in existence.

Harold Pollins

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