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Hello Everyone...I wonder if someone can help me. I have been told
that my grandmother came to New York, Ellis Island, the year President
McKinley was shot (1901). I was told she came >from Minsk. Her name was
Lena (Lina or Leia) Solontz. She came as a single woman. I cannot find
her in the EIDB. Her brother Max Solontz came to NYC in December 1903.
I found the record in EIDB. The record indicates he came to his sister
Lina Frankel at 324 Henry Street, NY. (My grandmother married in
October 1903.) My grandmother's parents and younger sister came to NYC
also. A copy of my great-grandfather's passport is in our possession.
His grandchildren knew him as Solomon Solontz (last name changed in USA
to Salant) but his passport is in the name of Itzka. Not until today
did I see any relationship between Solomon (or Zalman) and Itzka. I
pulled up the Minsk name list. Are those two names (Zalman and Itzka)
usually seen together (like Dov Ber)? I have not been able to locate my
great-grandparents nor my great-aunt on EIDB. My great-grandfather's
passport gives a date December 24, 1905. I am assuming they left Minsk
soon afterwards and arrived in NYC by some month in 1906. Several years
ago I contacted a researcher out of Belarus. I e-mailed him the
passport. He indicated that the Solontz surname was not recognizable
for Minsk. Thank you for your help!!

Carol Streem
Cleveland, Ohio

Have you tried using the Morse search engine. If you find nothing in the
Hebrew version, try the mainpage version. I found my grandfather in this
manner, but his name was spelled much differently than I had been given to
expect. The soundex version of the search engine was thus very useful.

Barbara Sloan
Wallingford, CT

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