Lejba and Mira Goldberg #belarus


I am coresponding with a woman that is trying to locate her mother's lost
family. Here is her story.

In October 1942, on the ground, where was ghetto walked hundreds of
Brestian (people who lives in Brest, survived war, they weren't Jewish
of course). They were looking for blankets, clothes etc.) Among other
people was Jadwiga Kuzio, who was looking for a quilt. In the tenement
house, which stand on the corner of streets Listowskiego and
Dabrowskiego she found a quilt with monograms JG. This house belongs to
Goldberg family. Under the quilt lied my mother, whole in blood. She had
got an injury on her neck. My mother was about two years old. Jadwiga
Kuzio dressed the injury and carried away quilt with my mum in the
capacity of package to home. On the door was nameplate with
caption-Goldberg on it. In room, belong the bed hanged a marriage photo.
This information my mother heard in day of 18 birthday >from Jadwiga
Kuzio. This remember Jadwiga Kuzio, she adopted her and brought her up.
She died 10 years ago. My mother is still alive.
We want to reconstruct my mums history. >from 2000 year my mum belong to
Association of Holocaust Children.
Maybe you remember who lived in tenement house on the corner of Street
Lisowskiego and Dabrowskiego? Every information is very valuable for us.
It can help us make a world, where lived my mum.
I was in Brest few days ago. Unfortunately, the synagogue and houses
didn't exist now. I met Mr. Szlomo Weinstein, who survived and still
lives in Brest. He lived behind the rabbi house, behind the synagogue.
He remembers that, on the round the corner was billiards and shop with
alcohol. Unfortunately, he didn't remember who lived behind the shop.
from the archive in Brest we got documents concerning Lejba and Mira
Goldberg. I sent you copies of these documents. They lived on Dluga
Street. After the ghetto was made, this Street wasn't on ghetto side, so
probably left to their family on Dabrowskiego Street and there my mother
was found. Jadwiga Kuzio was there with her German friend, Helena Lik,
who was trade in ghetto and probably knows family and the child. She
urged Mrs. Kuzio to take the child and take care about it. We try to
find this person. Unfortunately, we can't get information about Mira
Goldberg cause there isn't her maiden name in documents. Maybe we'll in
Brest in May, then we will visit Czerniany too.
Maybe you know somebody who lived in Brest? We are trying to get as much
information as we can. We never should shut the door ahead the history.

Best wishes

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