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I wrote earlier about my recent trip to the CZ R and the Bar mitzvah that I
attended in Klatovy with 75 people mainly >from the UK and the USA. I have some
links to share so that you can see some of what I saw. Two torah scrolls that
once were a part of the Klatovy Jewish Community were brought >from Surrey in
the UK and NY for this historic trip. The Bar mitzvah was a fitting
introduction to the exhibit now at the Guttmann Gallery of the Jewish Museum in Prague
until the end of January. I encourage anyone visiting Prague to see it. The
exhibit is called the SECOND LIFE OF THE TORAH SCROLLS.
There is a small movie that goes with it and the exhibit may be available to
travel to other places after the exhibit closes in Prague. I doubt if the
artifacts would be available for travel but the story boards. ( Just an idea, but
with over 1,000 CZ scrolls in the USA, these scrolls could easily become
artifacts to illustrate the story boards as they now have a second life all over
the world)

I also visited the area near the Sumava Mts. in the SW Bohemia-Susice. It was
the town of survivor Hana Gruna and I visited her friends and home and
listened to her remembrances. It is a vacation area where people come to bike and
hike and ski. Framed by soft green mountains, a lovely little river runs right
through the town. Nearby are the ruins of castles in Rabi and by bus we went
to a small museum in the mountains built by people who now live in Israel (Dr.
Adler) who came >from this area -a rabbinic family. They got back their family
home and then recreated what a small home in the 1800s would look like. It is
filled it with Jewish treasures. There is a church next door that was also
beautiful. And a few miles away was a restored synagogue. It was mentioned when
we visited that the Bloch family were living in this area and they were into
glass. Maybe someone has relatives >from this area and can tell us more about
The Adler home in Dobra Voda
The synagogue

Susan Boyer
Sherman Oaks CA

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