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Dear Friends,

Is the polish first name "Kazimiera" a typical Jewish one? I have never
heard of this one.

A Polish pal friend of mine is called SPOSOB - surname I am researching -
but his family (up to grandparents) have no knowledge of any Jewish
His grandfather is called Roman and he's >from Radzyn Podlaski (Pol). His
grand-aunt is called Kazimiera and she's >from Ivano Frankivsk (Ukr).
Both names are straight Polish names, and do not point at any Jewish
connection. Similarly, SPOSOB is an ordinary Slavic root, which means
"possibility", "opportunity", etc. Even though your friend's
grandfather is >from an area with a heavy Jewish population (the former
Lomza Gubernia is now part of the Podlaskie Wojewodzwo), he seems to
have been a Pole, not a Jew.

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

ISMACH: >from Lomza Gubernia, Galicia, and Ukraina
HERTANU, ABRAMOVICI, LAUER: >from Dorohoi District, Romania
GRISARU, VATARU: >from Iasi, Romania

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